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From: Przemek K.
Country: Poland
Sent: Friday, September 03, 2010 7:32 PM
Subject: French font problem at SM 2008


The Answer field in the link you provided is empty. You forgot to put the answer there. Can you please fix it or email the answer to me?


The main purpose of the e-mail you received is to notify you that your question has been read and attended to and is scheduled for answering within the next 2-4 days (some more difficult questions may take longer to answer).

Please check back within 2-4 days for the actual answer.


Some questions cannot be answered on the basis of the documentation alone and may take longer. In particular, bug reports need to be analysed. If an unknown bug shows up, we try to reproduce it first. Your question involves different versions of SuperMemo and a specific collection, and may take longer to figure out the answer.