Workload: Date outside the learning process: Jan 12, 2007

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In the Daily tab of the Workload window, (Tools: Workload or Ctl+W) the SUM and AVERAGE field values (Reps boxes) appear protected against being selected. Clicking on the Reps value for a particular day opens a browser with a subset of reps for that day; it is conceivable that the SUM field value could be used, in a similar way, to view all repetitions for a particular month. However, if the SUM or AVERAGE rows (anywhere in the rows) of the table are clicked, then one of three things appears to happen:

  • If the month in question has 31 days, then a browser window is opened containing the repetitions for the last day of that month.

  • If the month has less than 31 days, then SM throws the following error:
 Date outside the learning process: Jan 12, 2007

(Note: Jan 12, 2007 is the first day of the learning process in this collection)

  • If the SUM and AVERAGE rows are clicked in the first visible set of columns, i.e. February at the moment, then, a browser appears to be opened for the last day of the next month. i.e. 31/03/2009 and the reference data for the workload window gets moved back by two months such that when you return to the workload window the selected column has moved two columns to the right with no field selected. (If you exit the workload screen and re-enter it the current selection is then returned to the current date.)

Further, if the same actions are completed on the Monthly tab, the following behaviour is observed:

  • If the Annual, Monthly, Daily rows are clicked anywhere other than the first displayed column, then the focus is moved to the appropriate year, a month corresponding to the column number and a day corresponding to the row number, i.e. clicking Daily for 2011 will change the focus to day 15 of March 2011.
  • If the same rows are clicked in the first column, then the code loops back to place the focus on Jan 1987.


Message Date outside the learning process should simply be removed as it does not tell anything to the user, and slows him down. Doing nothing is exactly what the user would expect being in a wrong field of the table.


This message is no longer displayed in SuperMemo 2008.