Why does the average recall differ between the Daily and Monthly panels in the workload calendar?

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Why is there a difference in the average recall for Daily workload compared to Monthly workload in the workload calendar? As shown in the figure below, the average recall for the Daily workload in October 2023 should be 92.5, but it's only 76.6 in the Monthly workload.

Additionally, why are the Annual and Monthly statistical data missing from my Monthly workload?


  • Daily, Monthly, Annual is used for additive statistics. Recall is not additive. There is only one average for the year in case of recall. Monthly and Daily are displayed along months and days


This is a bug. In 2-3 weeks you will be able to download ver. 19.03 where this is fixed. thank you

The bug is most glaring if you add many new items. It is harmless (wrong average is displayed on the screen)

Bug fix

If you want to be sure the bug has been fixed, you can check by yourself here:

Build 19.03 https://super-memory.org/ftp/beta/sm19_03.zip (Dec 4, 2023)

If you still see an issue, please report, otherwise please confirm. The gaps between releases may go into weeks, so it would be nice to have it confirmed by multiple testers.