Unable to replay sounds for picture-enhanced Advanced English 2014 items

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From: MH
Country: Poland
Sent: Tue, 16 Dec 2014 19:47:58
Subject: Unable to replay sounds for picture-enhanced Advanced English 2014 items


I have upgraded Advanced English (taken from Extreme English 2004 DVD) to Advanced English 2014. However, for items illustrated/enhanced with pictures I am now left unable to replay the sounds associated with questions/answers. Before the upgrade, the sound component consisted of 4 buttons. After the upgrade, only 2 middle buttons are left. Most importantly, the left-most green arrow button used to play the original sound associated is missing.

Before the upgrade
After the upgrade


After the upgrade, you will need to use a few templates that you need to define by yourself to suit your learning needs (colors, locations, fonts, etc.). Here are some examples of templates that you will need:

  • Question and answer with a sound
  • Question and answer with a sound and a picture
  • Question and answer with two sounds and a picture
  • Question and answer with a sound and two pictures, etc.

You can define a template quickly using the following steps:

  • press Ctrl+E twice to enter the dragging mode
  • drag and size components to your liking
  • set fonts and colors to your liking
  • save the template with Template save as template on the component menu

Remember to chose names that you can pick fast from the template registry, e.g. AE, AESound, AEPicture, AESound2, AEPicture2, etc.

Applied custom template


When importing a picture into an element, SuperMemo rearranges the existing components to accommodate the picture within the available element area. As a result, the existing components get shifted to the left and sized down. When the sound component with the Recorder panel (Sound : Panel : Recorder) becomes too small some of the buttons disappear from view. This is strictly template-related issue, which can be easily resolved by creating a new template with sound components large enough to display all the available buttons.