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SuperMemos use two XML specs that are not mutually compatible: (1) commercial courseware XML, and (2) SuperMemo for Windows XML (incl. Q&A material, incremental reading, etc.)


There are two SuperMemo XML specifications:

  • specification with focus on commercial courseware from SuperMemo World (synchronizes with SuperMemo UX, SuperMemo for Android, SuperMemo for iPhone, and more)
  • SuperMemo for Windows specification with focus on user's Q&A material (starting with SuperMemo 2004 freeware)(newer versions, e.g. SuperMemo 16, support images and sounds to illustrate Q&A items)

We hope to be able to find common subset that will make it possible to move a subset of the material between all SuperMemos (at least basic Q&As) without affecting commercial material that cannot be freely redistributed between users.

XML format is intended to be a standard for data exchange between SuperMemos and other flashcard applications that care to support it. It is extensible. It is being extended while the core is being implemented on various platforms.