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When I select a sound to play as alarm, SuperMemo either says

If I select a .wav file: "No wave device is installed that can play files in the current format. To install a wave device, go to Control Panel, click Printers and Other Hardware, and then click Add Hardware."

If I select a mp3 file: "Cannot determine the device type from the given filename extension."

My sound card is installed and works perfectly, and anyway everything was fine with SuperMemo 2004. As soon as I upgraded to SuperMemo 2006 and opened the Plan dialog I got that error. (Because it inherited the settings from the previous version) No modifications were made to the hardware or to the drivers in the meantime.


  • this problem is not related to SuperMemo, you may try reinstalling sound board drivers
  • the occurrence after installing SM2006 is most likely coincidental
  • see FAQs for why this may affect SuperMemo while some other applications will plays sounds ok