Some elements preselect text during learn

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During Learn, some elements have text selected. In some cases all text in the component is selected, in others only some text is selected.


The components that have text selected tend to *always* have text selected each time they are displayed during Learn. In other words, the two elements shown in the links above always appear that way when they appear in Learn.

99% of elements do not have this problem. This doesn't seem to cause any problems with the software, but it is frustrating to see it happen repeatedly.


This looks like a read-point selection. Shift+Ctrl+F7 clears read-points. If this happens often, you might have a read-point saved in a template, in which case resaving the template would be a solution.

re-saving template

  1. check the name of the template that causes problems
  2. go to an element that uses the template
  3. clear the read-point
  4. save the template under the same name (overwriting the old one)

in case the above was not enough (read-point in source), you might need to open all elements using the template in the browser, impose the template (to overwrite the source), and re-apply it

Design problem

The fact that templates can carry read-point setting should be a considered "bad design" or bug. It is hard to imagine how a read-point could fit different text content, perhaps except a situation in which one wanted to ensure the editing mode is entered when entering the element.


As the one who initiated the bug report on this page, I concur with this statement. I especially cannot understand how a read-point is even factoring into my templates, since virtually all of my elements and templates are Q&A style, not based on incremental reading. I do virtually no incremental reading at this time because SuperMemo does not support what I need (math LaTeX in articles etc) so the idea that a read-point is set in my templates doesn't make sense. I'm not saying it isn't possible that I accidentally clicked the read-point button early on, but I certainly did not do so repeatedly on many elements at different locations within the text. Most of my elements are entered quickly as Q&A with some containing image components, so I create a new element, optionally change the template to one of a small set of predefined templates, enter the question and answer, and then add another element and repeat.

All that said, the severity of this bug is very minor as far as I can tell. If there is no danger to data loss or corruption, and no risk of harming the learning process, then pressing SHIFT+CTRL+F7 is a viable workaround this user can live with. I'm sure there are higher priority bugs and features that need to be dealt with. But if it can be dealt with quickly and easily, then I vote that it be fixed, otherwise it is a minor inconvenience to me now that the workaround is posted. Thanks.