Shortcut conflicts in the text registry

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This problem does not affect SuperMemo 16. It was first documented in SuperMemo 2006 in 2008 (this means it probably affects only SuperMemo 2006, SuperMemo 2008 and SuperMemo 15).

SuperMemo 16 fixes the problem of shortcuts in text editing in registries, as well as the Del key problem in the combo box.


  • While in the Text registry window, the object display field appears editable. It appears possible to update the text of a number of elements by amending it's content. (I know that Ctrl+S and Ctrl+R is documented as an approach to multiple search and replace). However, in this context, if Shift + i is presses to insert a Capitalised "i", this invokes a dialog box labelled "Choices" Which asks: "How do you want to add data" If the focus in on the member list or other screen locations and "Alt+I" (Insert) is pressed then the same insert dialog box is called up. But if the focus in on the object display field, then "Alt+I" is invalid and causes a "Beep". In the list of member names or element list, "Shift+I" goes to the beginning of those members that start with "I" This doesn't appear to be documented at the list of keyboard short cut ( and doesn't seem to make much sense, so I guess it's a small bug.
  • Also, while in the true "editing field" (under the toolbar) where you can input a character string to go to a particular entry. If you make a mistake in typing, then the backspace key works correctly by deleting the previous character. However, if you for example typed, "exaample" and wanted to go back and delete the extra "a" with using the "delete key" then SM asks if you want to delete the nearest whole member in the registry. When the focus is on a member in the registry list, or element list, I can see the use of the delete key to delete a member, however, here the focus and context of the delete key should be confined to the field the user is in i.e. the true editing field.