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Now supports OneDrive as well, but is only lightly tested on my machine since I don't use OneDrive -- see github repository for more details

TL;DR Features:

  • Lets you store your collection in Dropbox or OneDrive
  • Automated timestamped (versioned) backups

This PowerShell script takes the same basic idea as the Dropbox Conflict Resolver script and extends it by adding automated timestamped backup generation.

There is nothing inherently wrong with the Dropbox Conflict Resolver, I used it for quite a while early on. But it depends on AutoHotKey and only toggles Dropbox off and on. This script does the same thing but before opening the designated collection it makes a file copy backup of your collection to the location of your choice, with the folder timestamped e.g. 20160125T132342 - CollectionName. Because SuperMemo can sometimes be picky and easily corrupted the ability to backup and recover is essential. Having been burned a few times during the early phases of learning SuperMemo I wanted to automate the creation of backups to add an automatic "safety net" to each time my collection is opened. The result is this script. It also performs a very basic backup integrity verification before allowing the collection to be opened, allowing you to "roll back" to a previous copy any time.

Because it is written in PowerShell it is natively supported on modern versions of Windows, and it greatly expands the possibilities for extension going forward.

The script is thoroughly documented and stored on GitHub. It is released under the MIT license and is not officially sponsored by the SuperMemo developers. I'm making it available in case it helps anyone else.



Hi Dave,

Just wanted to say thank you for this.

My pleasure! I hope it helps others as much as it helped me. Thanks! -Dave