Running SuperMemo without Administrator privileges

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You can run SuperMemo without Administrator privileges in Vista as long as you move it out of the Program Files folder. Moving the entire folder using any tool will do (incl. collections, sm2006.exe, other subfolders, etc.). The old installer, developed before Vista release, places SuperMemo in Program Files as all well-designed installers. However, SuperMemo insists on having all its files in a single folder (unlike modern Windows application that separate program, data, and other components into multiple locations, windows registry, windows subfolders, etc.). The advantage is portability (you can move SuperMemo easily between hard disks, network locations or computers). The disadvantage is that you need to Run As Administrator if SuperMemo resides in its default location at Program files.


move supermemo to its own folder (e.g. c:\supermemo, or d:\sm2006, etc.)(e.g. copy \program files\sm2006\*.* to c:\SuperMemo\*.* with all subfolders)