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Move to category does not work. I created a several categories but as the time went there is a huge mess in category membership (the newly created category gets selected as default for all new items and it took me a long time to figure out how to place a new item in a different category - before it is created). So now I have eg. 80 items I need to move from one category to another. Or 80 items that seem to have no category (as reported by a windows which pops up after ctrl shft P). Also the fact that moving items in the content window does not move it from one category to the other is extremely confusing. Let's say I create a category subjectA in the contents window, this action adds T on yellow background icon with text subjectA to the contents windows. So one would expect that "the yellow iconed thing" I see in the content window is the category and thus moving the items from subjectA to subjectB in the content window actually moves the item from category subjectA to category subjectB. However, it does not work like that. "That thing" in the content windows is something else than category (I have no idea what it is then). Everything gets even messier when one tries accidentally comes across things called hooks and roots.. This approach is extremely illogical and confusing and it definitely needs a major redesign.

Please tell me how to move several items at once to a given category.


  • To move several items to a category, open these items in the browser and choose Move : To a category.
  • Contents is your knowledge tree. Category may live in a branch of that tree. Its top element is "root", the element to which new element are added is "hook"
  • It is very important to de-emphasize contents and categories in learning as these can sap your learning time. The most important structure is the structure of knowledge in your memory
  • Categories are useful only if you need to do subset review, or create a collection for others, etc. Many of their functions can be substituted by just using drag&drop in contents without respecting categories

more information

  • please explain why you work with categories at the time when shifting items around is not too good to the tree structure build in the learning process (e.g. retaining the structure of knowledge in incremental reading)
  • please explain the "illogical" part. It probably comes from some misunderstanding.