Problems with editing HTML in MS Word

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Edit file (F9) function:

  1. sends fragment to word without the <html>...</html> tags, so Word opens it as a text file. (this can be fixed by manually inserting the tag then closing and reopening it).
  2. also adds the file to the recent files list in word, this would be better not happening.
  3. opens a new instance of Word each time it is used (it would be better if it would use the existing instance if Word is already running)


  1. SuperMemo intentionally removes <html> tags and other non-essential tags to create non-HTML texts that saves spaces and reduces the number of files. This can be prevented by using Full HTML.
  2. SuperMemo does not add a file to recently used files in MS Word. This is a function of MS Word itself.
  3. Opening multiple instances of MS Word is also dependent on MS Word (not SuperMemo). SuperMemo does not even know/care what is your default word processor. Once the file is called for editing, all behaviors will depend on the editor/server