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Multimedia SuperMemo

Multimedia SuperMemo (MSM) is a simple and user-friendly mutation of the pro-line SuperMemo (aka SuperMemo for Windows). In fact, it looks very similar to SuperMemo for Windows; however, it's possible to use skins to modify its appearance (see e.g. here [1]). It was developed solely for CD-ROM and DVD title releases. Although a number of courses were produced, at the moment most of them can only be bought second-hand as they were replaced by SM UX courses. In spite of the fact that at the moment the producer and most bookstores usually offer SM UX courses, it's still possible to find older MSM courses offered by various individuals. However, it's becoming increasingly difficult as most people go for SM UX these days.

SuperMemo UX

In December 2006, Multimedia SuperMemo was terminated and officially replaced with SuperMemo UX [2].

MSM compatibility with Pro versions (aka SuperMemos for Windows--SM 10/11/12/13/14/15)

Although Multimedia SuperMemo (MSM) and the Pro-line SuperMemos (aka SuperMemos for Windows) retain compatibility to some extent, many features are supported only by one platform. For example, you can open Multimedia SuperMemo collections in SM 10/11/12/13/14/15, but you may lose some scripting functionality or voice recognition functions. On the other hand, Multimedia SuperMemo does not support incremental reading [3].