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I don't know how much knowledge Supermemo's developers have when it comes to IT networking certifications, but I am aiming to get the CCIE certification from Cisco. I've counted that between all the books that I will need to know, there are more than 10K technical pages. Since this is an IT certification, there are many commands to memorize related to a technology, apart from pure theoretical knowledge.

I guess what I want to know is: will Supermemo be useful in such a journey? I have been currently using it for "random" knowledge, and it's working fairly well so far, but I don't know how it will do with so much information. I am afraid I will get way to many daily repetitions, so many that it will hinder my study of new material.

Do you have anything to suggest on the topic? I am trying to understand if using Supermemo would just be a waste of time in this case, due to the amount of memorization needed.



SuperMemo will be excellent help if you approach it with realistic expectations. Here are some ideas:

  • divide your time between Traditional learning and SuperMemo learning. If you are a beginner, give SuperMemo 10-15% only, just to wet your appetite and learn the tools
  • be sure that you do not devote all your SuperMemo slot to technical details. Make it mostly about your knowledge: paste -> read -> extract -> cloze -> repetition
  • perhaps add a 10-20 min. slot for learning SuperMemo itself (e.g. Step by Step guide, or better yet, incremental reading)
  • increase your SuperMemo learning time allocations only in proportion to increased efficiency of learning
  • remember that you will NEVER cover 100% of the material with SuperMemo (10K is a lot), which is too meticulous/precise and thus too expensive. Try to cover only mission critical pieces
  • those suggestions are universal and your specific area (e.g. IT networking) has little bearing on the actual strategy. The biggest factor is the proportion of "volatile" knowledge that will become useless in 3-4 years, you may want to limit SuperMemo for mastering this or just plan for deprioritizing that portion later on. It is also important how fast you want to master the material. The shorter the time span, the lesser the role for SuperMemo.

User suggestion

Not perfectly the same, but it may give you some ideas. See this: Mastering 9000 pages in 3 years