Item title editing inconsistency?

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I am in the process of editing the titles of a large collection of Q&A items that I have created. I go through each item and hit "Alt+T" to edit the title. Sometimes it lets me edit it directly. At other times I get the "Choices" dialogue box, with the question "Which title should be used?" (edit current title, use first text, use current text). Why does it sometimes give me the dialogue box, and sometimes not?


When you create or edit a title you may want to base your changes on the old title or on the texts used in the element. As titles are automatically generated from the first text used, those are often the same. If you attempt to create or edit a title, and the candidate base texts are all the same, you will be offered no choices. If candidate base texts differ, you will first be asked which text should be used to start your editing.