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I was using Supermemo and by computer suddenly restarted. Once I restarted, everything looked fine but according to Supermemo I had no more items to learn (which was untrue, since before the reboot I had plenty). So I had to go manually and start the repetition process. The problem now is that I have around 51 "blank" outstanding elements in my collection. When I go in View > Outstanding I have 51 blank rows. When I try to Right Click > Learn I get:

"Fatal Error!
Cannot read data for element #0
Records accessible = 1523
I/O error 131
Choose Abort to halt SuperMemo"

It then suggests me to backup/repair the collection. None of these solved this problem. Apparently I still have all my data, it's just that I have these outstanding "blank" items. How can I solve the problem?



After making a backup, you need to run Repair collection with all options checked. If this did not help, we would ask you to submit your collection for review as this would be an unusual cases that needed further study, e.g. to improve the recovery mechanisms.

Please upload some pictures that show "blank elements" for explanation.

Answer from User

Uhm, I don't think this is possible anymore. Today apparently everything ran smoothly. I have no more "blank" items. My list of topics/items seems ok. I will write back if I get the error again and will provide the screenshots. Thanks for the fast reply.