How to postpone elements into a time window?

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Is there a way to tell supermemo to postpone a group of elements and spread them into a time window (i.e. between October 1st 2016 and January 1st 2017)?


Mercy works only from today into the future. You can spread the items from today at 1 item per day, and reshuffle the whole branch on October 1, 2016.

Not recommended: You can naturally "cheat" SuperMemo by setting your computer date into the future, however, if you use newer versions you can trigger some unknown consequences in statistics, timelines, repetition history, etc. The design assumption is that the current date is correct, and all play on dates is dangerous.

In the future?

Is it going to be implemented such a function in the future? What I ended up doing is move the branch to a new collection and delete the elements in the one I use, later on I'll move than back. Do you forsee possible problems coming from this procedure?

Do I need to compute the matrix again manually when I add or delete elements from/to another collection? Do I have to learn something about when to run "compute" or I can forget about it?