How to bring back cloze word highlights

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SM 16 gets rid of the cloze word highlights in items. However, I often find them useful, e.g. they enable me to quickly recall how many clozes have been produced from the sentence.

Is it possible to bring this highlighting back somehow? Stylesheets? Some other options? If so, how? Any ideas highly appreciated...


No. This clean up is irreversible. It was a result of many requests to "keep clozes neat" (also in SuperMemopedia). You are the first person to ask for the opposite.

Before you make it into a suggestion, please try to see if this is not just an old habit that makes it painful. After all, you can see all your keywords closed in the parenting topic (e.g. Ctrl+Up).

It is not realistic to go back to SuperMemo 15 solution, but an option, or an INI config hack might be possible in future versions.