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Ideas for the future

Some ideas to be discussed as proposed by Wrath0flog1c:

  1. Discord Meeting: future of SuperMemo. Direct interaction will boost the community’s involvement and pave the way for future collaborative efforts
  2. Redesign Contest: Can boost innovation, no extra cost. we propose launching a contest inviting users to propose new designs for SuperMemo. This will not only stimulate creative solutions but also foster a sense of collective ownership among the users. The designs could then be voted on and potentially incorporated into the future updates
  3. Short-term Improvements: Focus on actionable feedback from users of SuperMemo
  4. Forming a Beta Testing Team: Once we have potential new features or designs from the contest, a team of dedicated users could serve as beta testers. Their feedback would help refine these features before a wider release, improving the quality of updates
  5. Community Development: Leverage skilled SuperMemo users for development. To harness the technical skills within our community, we suggest initiating a survey to identify those interested in contributing directly to SuperMemo’s development
  6. AI Integration: Start brainstorming, keep as long-term vision. We propose a small-scale project for AI integration, such as developing an AI-based suggestion system for optimizing repetition intervals. Success in this endeavor could pave the way for further AI integration in SuperMemo
  7. School Strike Concept: Can gain traction through Gen Z/Alpha's social media habits; make it go viral by getting help members of this generation. We know wassup. But balance is critical. SuperMemo can inspire alternative learning paths for these generations

Similar ideas/concerns

It might make sense to integrate all ideas into one:

Summary of user propositions

  • Some users wish for a version of SuperMemo that is compatible with different operating systems, such as Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.
  • Some users suggest using web technologies, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc., to create a cross-platform SuperMemo that runs on browsers or web apps.
  • Some users propose reworking the SuperMemo interface and functionality to make it more user-friendly, intuitive, modern and customizable.
  • Some users envision a future SuperMemo that integrates with other tools and services, such as Anki, Roam Research, Obsidian, etc., to allow for seamless knowledge management and learning.
  • Some users discuss the challenges and trade-offs of developing a new SuperMemo, such as preserving the existing features and data, ensuring security and privacy, maintaining performance and stability, etc.
  • Some users express their appreciation and gratitude for the current SuperMemo and its developers, and hope for continued support and improvement.