Error using copy and paste in the contents window

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From: Dave Morgan
Sent: Apr 26, 2007, 13:08:57
Subject: SuperMemo Report - error using copy and paste incontents window

Using copy and paste in the "Contents Window" to add a copy of an element to another, or same location, generates errors in collection files when recover is run:

++++++++++++++++++++++    ERROR #1   ++++++++++++++++++++++
   Wrong item count
   Expected: 10065
   Found:    10068
Verifying contents.dat (10972 elements)

It appears that when an element is copied into a collection from the clipboard the element count is not correctly updated leading to the above error reported during files: recovery.


Bug! Copy/Paste will produce an erroneous item count statistics when the copied element is an item (probably, the operation always increments only the element count while ignoring the element type count)


I've just updated my SM system with the latest version 13.04, 01 March 2008 and would like to update this record because the problem is still occurring. I want to stress that SM does not crash, or show any error message during the copy and paste operation and that this problem is easily reproducable. File Recover appears to fix the item count and there dosen't appear to be an ongoing problem, however, there would appear to be a 'whole' in the code somewhere. Otherwise, SM seems to deliver well. Below is a (condensed) report.

  SuperMemo Report
  Activity: Collection integrity check and repairs
  Collection: C:\Documents and Settings\Dave\My Documents\SuperMemo\systems\ALL
  Date: 02 March 2008, 20:07:41
  SuperMemo 2006 (Build 13.04, Mar 1, 2008)
  Checking 61989 records
  Verifying integrity of element data (61989 elements in elinfo.dat)
  ++++++++++++++++++++++    ERROR #1   ++++++++++++++++++++++
     Wrong item count
     Expected: 59207
     Found:    59208
  Process completed at 20:17:43 in 00:10:01 sec (02 March 2008)
  ONE ERROR (Collection integrity check and repairs)