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While I was doing my repetitions today, something very strange happened. A couple of elements got "mixed" - their answer was not the one I entered originally, but instead it was actually a Question taken from another element in the collection. That element, however, is shown correctly.

Basically I hit the "show answer" button and SuperMemo shows me the question of another element in place of the answer of the element I am currently repeating.

This happened two times, and both times I also got another error "HTML missing, loading plain text instead".

What should I do? Repair the collection? What can I do to avoid this in the future?


"HTML missing, loading plain text instead" means that the original file was lost/deleted/locked. This can be caused by external factor or a crash when SuperMemo is reading/writing to the disk. if you edit the collection, a new file can be placed in place of the lost/deleted file. If this happens, the new text will display in place of the old one. Protection:

  • keep your computer clean and stable (to make sure no external factor interfere with supermemo)
  • backup from time to time (to restore valuable texts in case of a mishap)
  • run Repair collection with Rebuild registries and Check filespace from time to time (missing files will be detected)