Duplicate registry entries after transfer

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After merging, a repair operation finds multiple items of the same name, and prepends a `!' to either the question or the answer, presumably for uniqueness of keys. Not good, if you find thousands of items mangled in this way. This happened when `merging' `Intermediate French' into a new (empty) database. It happens even when both source and target databases have previously been repaired with all options checked. For example, create a new (empty) database and merge Plopeanu's Intermediate French database into it. Repair, all options checked. Then merge German Beginners Extended into that. Then repair again, all options checked. Ten errors obtain. The errors are because the merge operation uses the same incomplete search mechanism as the ctrl-F find dialog, and thus does not see super-ASCII characters such as accented characters. Thus, it puts duplicate items into the text registry, which the repair option finds. This is a bad bug because it prevents merging of non-English language databases. WHEN O WHEN IS Supermemo actually going to start fixing these bugs and releasing a software update ? Instead of asking us to report bugs in different ways, resubmit etc? If I weren't locked-in to Supermemo by its database format, I would have left long ago.