Do not run repairs on Advanced English before completing installation

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From: Giuseppe
Country: {{{Country}}}
Sent: Jun 10, 2019
Subject: AE2018 repair


I have recently purchased the collection "Advanced English 2018", then I do not know the collection very well. After installing all the files in the standard directories, I ran a collection check with: Repair collection (detailed). On the first scan, I get a number of jpg files in the /Recovery directory. I attach the log file to the email. I ask you what these files mean and how I should perform a collection check to avoid this problem.

Exemplary report message:

Transferring stray file 529852.jpg
   From: c:\supermemo\systems\adveng 2018\elements\1\28\26\5\529852.jpg
   To: c:\supermemo\systems\adveng 2018\recover\529852.jpg


To complete the installation, you need to tell the collection where you decided to store your multimedia files. You can do it in Toolkit : Options : Access : Secondary storage.

Only when you can hear sounds and see images in Advanced English 2018, you can consider the installation complete.

To make backing up collection easier/faster, you should rather keep the multimedia files separate from the collection. This way the size of the backup will shrink dramatically. For example, you could keep your multimedia files in c:\supermemo\multimedia, or even on an external hard drive.


If you install multimedia files (\elements) folder as part of the collection, you need to revert back to the default value of Secondary storage (deleting that value will have the same effect).

If the multimedia files are not considered part of a collection (e.g. by a wrong merge or by copying wrong files to a wrong place), they will be moved to \recover folder.

Note that SuperMemo should warn you at Repair about a wrong setting of secondary storage.