Delete repetition history dialog behind the repetition history window

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I went to the repetition history of an item and tried to delete it. The program froze and I had to CTRL+ALT+DEL it. After a couple more tries, I determined that the "Are you sure you want to reset the history?" box was popping up under the repetition history box. There was no way to get to it unless the history box was moved away beforehand, because the history box was frozen in place until the question could be answered -- which it couldn't be with the history box in the way! I can only guess if this is applicable to your code, but in the Windows API, this sort of situation can occur if you do not specify the correct parent window handle when creating a popup box. In this case, the parent should be the history box.

Problems with reproducing the bug

Is it SuperMemo 2006 or some earlier version? It could not be reproduced in WinXP and Win2000 (yet)?