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Bug report


I noticed than once I uninstall the 360 Chinese browser (Direct download link: https://down.360safe.com/cse/360cse_13.5.1010.0.exe), SM cannot open any link (shift click or single click). I have set my default browser to Chrome. I tried to change everything to IE with no luck.

Steps to reproduce (tested in W10 and W11 in multiple computers):

  1. install 360 chinese browser.
  2. set it to default browser and enable the IE toolkit.
  3. import at least once in SM, using the vanilla import dialog
  4. uniinstall the 360 chinese browser.

I made a short video to exemplify the case, as well as showing all my default app settings, protocols etc.

Notes: the open links via menu (edit->open web links) do work, but is painfully tedious to use it every isngle time and locate the target link.

Question 1


May I ask, does "Open in new window" option work?

To access this, do the following:

  1. Right click on a hyperlink of interest
  2. Click on "Open in new window" from the menu

~ Harvey R.


It does open in my default browser. In the meantime I could set up an AHK for that.

Suggestion 1

This sounds like a silly suggestion, but have you tried running the SuperMemo installer (i.e., sm18inst.exe) again? You can get it from here: https://super-memory.com/english/down.htm.

EDIT: Sorry, I have just watched your video again, and you said that this hasn't worked.

~ Harvey R.

Suggestion 2

I see that there is an option in the Chinese browser to use IE mode. Could you try the following:

  1. Install Chinese browser again
  2. Switch OFF the IE mode option
  3. Uninstall Chinese browser
  4. Try clicking on the link as you normally would

~ Harvey R.


Thank you for your hint. I finally succeeded after trying multiple times in windows 11. Here are the steps I can guarantee will work:

  1. Install Chinese browser again
  2. Switch ON the always IE mode option
  3. Open the import dialog, confirm you see the tab opened in Chinese browser, and cancel. Do not import.
  4. Switch ON the always CHROME mode option
  5. Open the import dialog, confirm you don't see the tab opened in 360 browser, and cancel.
  6. Don't open the original IE
  7. Keep SM running at all times
  8. Uninstall Chinese browser

I still have no solution for WIndows 11.