Bug: Sleep Chart does not remember its folder

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Harvey R., UK, 2023/08/17 (YY/MM/DD)


This is a minor bug, or maybe it is an intended behaviour.

When opening a folder in Sleep Chart, SuperMemo does not open the folder in the Sleep Chart directory, instead, it opens it in the Plan directory.

This is not a problem for the average Sleep Chart user, however, it is a (mild) nuisance for those who import their sleep data via a CSV file.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open Sleep Chart (F12)
  2. Press Ctrl+O to open the folder, you will be regarded with a folder that is not the Sleep Chart folder.
    1. This also happens if you want to import a CSV file (via File : Import : Excel File)

Intended behaviour

After further testing, this seems to occur because SuperMemo simply remembers the last SuperMemo-modified directory (i.e., if you save a Plan schedule, then SuperMemo will remember the directory for Plan), rather than the directory specific to the tool.

So, follow these steps:

  1. Open SuperMemo Plan
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+S to save a schedule
  3. Close Plan
  4. Open Sleep Chart
  5. Press Ctrl+O
  6. You will be regarded with the Plan directory rather than the Sleep Chart directory

Oddly enough, I do not encounter this issue with Plan (i.e., if I press Ctrl+O in Plan, I will always be regarded with the Plan directory even though I have done some modifications to the Sleep Chart folder via the Sleep Chart tool).

As I said, pretty harmless bug, but it's just irritating sometimes :)