Bug: Remote images window access keys

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From: Harvey R.
Country: UK
Sent: 25th of July, 2021
Subject: Remote images window access keys not working


OS or SuperMemo?

I'm not sure if this is SuperMemo's or Windows 10's fault.

Other windows

This issue also happens with other windows (e.g., Sleep Chart, Import from Web, etc.). I'll try to figure out the exact steps for them.

Steps to reproduce

  • Before you continue, ensure that you click on an HTML Component (as if you were about to edit its content).
  • Ctrl+F8 to bring up the "Download remote images" window.
  • Now, try to use the access keys. They will not work.
    • For example, try to press Alt followed by the letter A. Nothing will happen on the "Download remote images" window (i.e., SuperMemo will not select all of the images as it is supposed to do).
    • You will notice that, instead, SuperMemo is selecting the access keys of the Element window.


You need to press Escape before pressing Ctrl+F8. This will make sure that you have not selected an HTML Component on the Element window.