Artificial Intelligence Teacher/Tutoring - thoughts?

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Artificial Intelligence Teacher/Tutoring - Thoughts?

I recently read about the following project/idea: artificial intelligence to aid in individualized teaching, while also keeping track of what people already know, so they only make progress forward without wasting time in repeating unnecessary things.

I can only imagine if these things are combined with Supermemo learning algorithms, and supervised by real teachers/parents, how amazing the learning curve would be, and so devoid of useless things.

What are your thoughts?


  • Artificial intelligence is already tested for spaced repetition, but we do not believe to get much beyond the current understanding of the memory model that is handled well by old SuperMemo algorithms
  • Artificial intelligence for knowledge selection and presentation is also investigated, but human brain combined with incremental reading is already doing a great job; time will tell


Perhaps we only disagree in terminology. The concept of "teaching" will die. In learning, AI may be a partner for a conversation, or a servant of explanations. Do we need specific tools for that? Certainly, it would make sense for AI to know exactly the content of one's database. This what ChatGPT might talk to you combining "world knowledge" with "user knowledge" on equal terms.

Spaced repetition will not change as it is welded to the properties of human memory. Incremental reading will improve by make it it easier to point to key memory anrchors (cloze). In addition, it may help to optimally reformulate items. However, this process also has value so it should not be automated. It might look as follows: (1) select, and (2) simplify.