Advanced English: Auto-sort + Auto-postpone prevent repetitions of the newly memorized items

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From: Miko
Country: Poland


After a long while, I have resumed my Advanced English repetitions. I decided to rely on the recommended Auto-sort + Auto-postpone combo, and focus on repeating 100 top-priority items, and do not care about the rest of the outstanding material. After a month of regular repetitions, I decided to start memorizing new items at the rate of 5 items/day. The problem is that I have already memorized about 75% of Advanced English 2018 so these new items are marked with low-priority. As such, they get auto-sorted towards the end of the daily outstanding queue. If I repeat the first 100 items from the queue, the freshly memorized items are kept being neglected because of their low priority at the time when they are most susceptible to forgetting (i.e. when their intervals are short). What strategy/tools would you suggest so that I keep repeating the outstanding material at the set pace and not neglect the repetition schedule for the newly memorized items?


Solution #1

Each time you learn a new item, set the priority. Nothing else is needed.

You will still keep neglecting low priority items, but that's the point of the priority queue. The memory of the neglected items will be left to a chance (some will get forgotten, some will be remembered even better due to the spacing effect).

Solution #2

  1. Keep an up-to-date subset file of the newly memorized items (e.g. Newly_memorized.sub)
  2. At the beginning of each repetition day, do what follows:
    1. choose View : Outstanding from the main menu,
    2. right-click in the browser, select Subset : Intersect subset file, and choose the newly memorized subset file. The browser will only display the newly memorized items scheduled for repetition for up to this day
    3. right-click (in the browser), choose Subset : Save all, and give the resultant subset a new name (e.g. Newly_memorized_(2018.10.12).sub)
    4. choose View : Outstanding again
    5. right-click in the browser, select Subset : Intersperse subset, and click the subset file with the newly memorized items scheduled for today
    6. In the Ratio of frequencies dialog box, type the number which is the quotient of the allocated number of outstanding items to pass (e.g. 100) by the number of newly memorized items scheduled for today (e.g. 16), e.g. 100/16=6.25
    7. Press Ctrl+Shift+L to start repeating