A range check error after selecting multiple elements

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I created a bunch of cloze deletion Elements from a Topic → proceeded to select only the elements, so as to separate them and delete the parent Topics, keeping only those elements. As I was ready to move them, clicking on the selection resulted in a Range Check Error. It consistently kept popping up whenever I try to move these elements. The elements are literally stuck in the sense that I can't transfer them anywhere else.

Here's a link to a screenshot of the situation: https://kmu.files.cnow.at/s/eii9S9z2eDa7xip


We cannot reproduce this bug. Perhaps you see if you can achieve that again and provide some more detail (e.g. is it a left-click, right-click, etc.). Perhaps a theme is a factor (new thing in SM18). Otherwise, this would need to be studied programmatically (i.g. reviewing the code of SuperMemo)