Wrong collection opens at restart

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Jim asked:

A problem which has bothered me for much time: When SM automatically restarts after remaining open when PC shuts down, the file opened is different from the one which was open prior to shutting down.

BTW, is SM still being developed? I haven't seen an update for quite a while. If it is, when is the next update planned to be released?


Wrong collection opens

If the collection that opens at restart is different than the one at closing, there could be two reasons:

  • the new collection is set as a parameter and should always open at restart
  • the close was incorrect/incomplete and SuperMemo could not write down its data to the disk

The latter is more dangerous and if the problem continues, you would better close SuperMemo manually rather than rely on an auto-shutdown.

Future SuperMemos

There are no plans to close SuperMemo for Windows. Release dates are not announced in advance. In the past, it took 2-3 years to complete a development cycle for the next version.

Followup Question

Thanks. How is the 1st possible reason dealt with? I searched the documentation, but couldn't find it there. I don't completely understand. Can a collection be chosen as the one to always open at restart? How? Please send me a link to an explanation, or let me know which menu item to choose.


See: How to always open the same collection at startup?