Will deleting items hurt SM repetition scheduling

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I have a few items that I created from topics and I want to delete them because I came to the conclusion that they are not worth keeping in my memory. They are at the initial stage of learning (2nd-3th repetition).

  1. Will this badly affect the quality of the SM repetition scheduling or can I safely delete them?
  2. Would there be a difference if these items were at a more advanced stage of repetitions, say, the 10th repetition?

Does deleting items affect the accuracy of SuperMemo predictions concerning optimal repetition intervals?


You can delete items without any impact on the speed of learning.

The only "loss" is for your sleep-vs-learning correlations. When you delete items, their repetition history is lost, this means it does not contribute to your graphs that show when you learn best, when you should optimally go to sleep, etc. If you collect sleep data, and want those items to contribute their learning data, you can 'Dismiss instead of deleting.