What happened to SuperMemo Yahoo Group?

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What happened to SuperMemo Yahoo Group?


For an alternative, see: SuperMemo Google Group (registration needed due to spamming).

SuperMemo Yahoo Group has never been moderated by SuperMemo World, and has probably been deleted by its moderator.

To see the message archive click Messages here:

SuperMemo Yahoo Group (2010)

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History of SuperMemo Group at Yahoo Groups

  • the group was set up on May 5, 2001 by Reinhard K. Koehler from Germany
  • in February 2005, Reinhard K. Koehler stepped down to work on his tax consulting company. The group was taken over by Michael Butler from the USA
  • May 2011, Michael Hejwosz (former SuperMemo Library) wanted to take over the moderation duties, however, he never agreed the terms with M. Butler
  • Dec 20, 2012, the group was probably deleted by the moderator, who mentioned in one of his last posts that he can no longer afford time to maintain it and that he intends to delete the entire archive


Acc. to Yahoo documentation, once deleted, a group cannot be restored. We have a backup of the mail sent to the group, however, we do not plan to publish that mail in bulk as most of the material is well out of date. Instead, most valuable pieces will be restored here at SuperMemoPedia when documenting individual issues (as per demand). We also do not plan to set up a new discussion forum as we believe a wiki is a better form to support old and new users. Most of all, there was not way to delete or correct incorrect or even harmful suggestions from users. Equally damaging are wrong answers from support that cannot be edited/corrected, as these often get propagated as "the truth about SuperMemo". Please use this wiki to seek support and document your problems. Nevertheless, if you decide to set up your own discussion forum or mailing list, we will try to help you attract readers/users.

A new group has been set up here: SuperMemo Google Group (registration needed due to spamming).