What happen to my collection and how to stop the warning?

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From: LYW
Country: China
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My collection was damaged yesterday, and i use a kind of software to let it go backward ……[retore backup]. But I encountered another problem…… How to stop the warning showed below (“repair collection” is useless because always atribute to other problem)? What should i do just to stop the warning.

Element count at #1 greater than element total
   Descendants total: 1440
   Collection total: 1356
   Use File : Repair collection


If this error shows up after restoring a healthy backup, it may indicate something went wrong with the restore process. Files from different collections might have been mixed up. If you are sure the backup is complete and healthy, try to do a manual straight copy. Backup software often uses file versioning and might mix up files from different version of the same collection. You can imagine this as if you tried to restore Windows 7 on your computer, but left some Windows 10 files in place.

You can also send a repair report on that restored collection, and explain "always atribute to other problem".

This is an exemplary algorithm:

  1. delete the damaged collection completely
  2. copy the backup collection in place of the deleted collection

Read: http://help.supermemo.org/wiki/Backup to be sure you restore full collections instead of subcomponents.

See also: SuperMemo error: Element count at