What do you suggest writing in the title bar for extracts of extracts converted to cloze deletions?

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I have imported several textbooks into SuperMemo. My current strategy is to extract large paragraphs for passive review. As they recur in the review cycle, I extract smaller paragraphs from these and dismiss the parent paragraph (Ctrl+Shift+Enter). Then I extract smaller units of text from these small paragraphs, and finally convert phrases in these smaller paragraphs to cloze deletions. As far as I know this is the correct standard way of using SuperMemo. However, I want to know what the best way is to deal with the title bar. By the time you get to the cloze deletion level, the answer to the cloze deletion is often visible in its title bar, thus affecting recall. Do I need to do two edits on every cloze deletion (delete information in title bar and make the cloze), thus wasting time, or is there a "best practice" I can implement?


In most cases, you never need to worry about titles as cloze titles should have the same wording as cloze questions (i.e. if the title reveals the answer, so does the cloze). If cloze titles differ from questions, please explain why or provide more details.

Your strategy looks correct. In the long-run though, once you are confident that your extracts cover the book correctly, you might prefer executing Done (Ctrl+Shift+Enter) rather than just Dismiss. Text leftovers pollute the collection (more search hits, greater size, more files, more registry texts, etc.).