What burden parameter really means?

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There is explanation on http://supermemo.com/help/analysis.htm

I wonder how to understand that statement? Is there operationalization for 'no delays' and 'end of learning process'. If I do number of repetitions pointed in burden parameter, when I reach predefined retention level? Is burden somehow involve pending elements also?

Thanks for help.


Burden is explained here: http://help.supermemo.org/wiki/Glossary#burden

Burden is a good estimate of your learning load if there are "no delays", i.e. when you do not use Postpone, Mercy and when you sit down to repetitions daily.

Burden has little to do with retention. A rough guess is that to get your desired retention, you need to make as many repetitions per day as indicated by Burden.

Pending elements have interval zero and do not contribute to the burden.