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What areas of related to SuperMemo, memory or learning are poorly covered at

Your suggestions

Advantages of Incremental Reading

Why don't you add a bullet, which says that with incremental reading you do not need to re-read the same BS again and again. Very often, I skim through a boring article and then go into Facebook comments that take precious time. Sometimes I learn NOTHING. I like SuperMemo because it alerts me of "duplicates" and I know that article is done. Even if it gave me nothing, I will not be fooled into reading it again or wasting time on those stupid comments in hope of finding answers to my questions. I love SuperMemo.

Getting started videos

  • Propositions for video tutorials
  • A series of 'getting started' videos would probably be helpful. I'd suggest starting with a focus on how users should go about learning (how to correctly use the interface to learn what the user wants) and how to organize a knowledge tree (why is organizing it useful, and specifics about how to go about doing this). If I can get some guidance in proper use I'll volunteer to produce and edit some video.

see: Videos_and_Demos

SuperMemo feels stagnant

1. the general supermemo site looks pretty dated (

a. the layout looks pretty old.

b. a lot of the articles date from years ago - there's nothing intrinsically wrong with having old articles, but there appear to have been no additions for years. This gives the appearance that the website has been abandoned!

2. there appear to have been no additions to the collections in the Supermemo store for years. Again, this gives the ipmression that Supermemo 2004 has been basically abandoned...

Has no-one submitted any new collections for years? There appear to have been quite a number of collections added for a number of years, but then nothing for the last few years.

3. Supermemo seems to have had clear superiority for years, but has perhaps become slightly complacent, and now your competitors are catching up.

VTrain, for example, is developing a version for the PPC that promises easy synchronization (unlike Supermemo 2004/PPC does do not easily synchronize).

VTrain is also developing new language and other collections.

VTrain is apparently also readying a version that will rely on neural networks for review intervals.

Finally, the VTrain gives clear indications on its website as to development of new features- it is very difficult to see whether Supermemo is actually developing beyond SM 2004, and if it is, what will be improved.

Comment on my own comment above:

Wow, did I write that about VTrain - implying VTrain was going somewhere and SM wasn't? I guess I did back when I had just discovered both VTrain and Supermemo. I bought both and, for a short time, ran them both in parallel with a small collection to see which I thought was best.

I very quickly concluded that VTrain is rubbish! Supermemo won hands down, so I utterly recant. I now worship at the altar that is Supermemo Warrior mode :-)

Various suggestions

  1. Web site: Link required. The "Using Templates in SuperMemo" page ( makes reference to the "Flags menu" under "Apply Template" (i.e. ...depending on the settings in the Flags menu). There does not appear to be a specific reference to this menu. A google search for "Flags Menu" and SM only brings up the Using templates page. The "Flags" sub menu appears on the "Element menu" page as part of the Elements Menu: Template Menu ( and is hard to find. Suggestions: Change the text in the templates page to say, "Flags sub menu" and add a link to the relevant part of the Element Menu page.
  2. The web page "Devouring knowledge" ( contains a link "cf. Pierre Salinger syndrome" which when followed leads to: Wikipedia does not have an article with this exact name. Please search for Pierre Salinger Syndrome in Wikipedia to check for alternative titles or spellings. Page: contains information about Salinger's life but only a single sentence regarding the "syndrome" Suggestion: Update link and context in web page.
  3. The page "Formula for Human Genius and Creativity" ( contains a broken (Blocked Access) link "And so was Einstein" to: (
  4. The page FAQ: Incremental Reading contains an old link to Information Fatigue under the section: "Not everyone experiences information fatigue but ... SuperMemo will certainly help". This article appears to have been removed and is not available at the site linked to. I guess because it's circa 2001, it's been deleted.
  5. Set vs enumeration in What's new in SuperMemo 2006

Suggestions implemented

  1. I was looking for a description of the most important features of SuperMemo 2006. What is available on the official page is only a list of the most important improvements of SuperMemo 2006 as compared with SuperMemo 2004 but not a list of the most important features that SuperMemo 2006 offers


  • there are nearly no complaints about the layout of, hence it remains frozen in the 1990s
  • old articles that are relevant are kept on the site or updated, others are moved to archives and clearly marked as archival
  • SuperMemo Library is not being developed as it has never been profitable, see for continuation
  • there is a link to SuperMemo UX development in the news to hint that new products do and will arrive
  • neural network algorithms are considered inferior (there should be an explanation somewhere in FAQs)
  • future releases are not announced in advance as a matter of policy (there are also multiple FAQs on the subject)
  • I don't see any reason to worry about VTrain. They have had very primitive algorithms for years. Everybody has plans, in other words, once we see it, we will believe it. (comment by TomD)

Suggestion for this site

Can we have a little bit more order on some of the longer pages? I know that we can word search and hyperlinks are great for skipping between pages (when they work), however, some pages, FAQ, archive, for example can contain a long list of unordered articles. Can we please order these in a simple sequence e.g. alphabetically to make browsing / searching a little more easy? (I'm even happy to do the tidying up if no one object)??

better documentation for MCT

Better documentation (or support) for importing multiple choice tests. I can quickly produce text files with complete multiple choice questions, but I haven't found a way to import them without lots of editing. It would be great if it could import items right into the multiple choice template. UPDATE: Managed to guess how to do this, but documentation still needs to be updated.

Better documentation

  • Provide well-organised links to make it easier to find specific information. For example, perhaps break down larger articles into smaller, more specific sections (e.g. in the way that TiddlyWiki uses small articles tagged by topic, and make it easier to search for specific topics using tag links).
  • Make it easier to find task-oriented articles (e.g. like the Help pages for Microsoft Access, Excel, etc. which focus on "How do I ...?" concise instructions.)