Upgrade SM16/AE1997 to SM17/AE2014

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Subject: Update from SM16/AE1997 to SM17/AE2014


How to update from SM16/AE1997 to SM17/AE2014.

(1) Number of items memorized (in AE 1997): 37467/37467

(2) Degree of own text editing: Minimal (i.e. no intentional own text editing; maybe some accidental).

(3) Estimated number of added pictures and sounds: 2 added sound files (they were missing in original collection).

(4) Mix of Advanced English with other knowledge in the same collection: No.


Answer 1

A slow method that will let you keep your old collection and old data:

  1. back up
  2. update AE97 to SuperMemo 17 (by just opening it)
  3. export all data from AE2014 as XML (or use ready-made XML file, if you have already downloaded)
  4. import that data without the learning process with text, image and sound updates back to AE97 (SM17 version)

Answer 2

Fast method. You will lose some of your statistics. For example, repetition timeline will not be transferred. It will effectively be "left behind".


  1. back up all collections to be sure you can go back to square one
  2. upgrade AE97 to SuperMemo 17
  3. use File : Export : XML in AE97
  4. use File : Import : XML Synchronize in AE2014
  5. check only Ignore topics and Ignore references
  6. see if AE2014 works ok, esp. the learning process

This procedure may create blank elements each time AE97 includes elements that are not present in AE2014 (see explanation). If you see any problems, come back here to ask further questions.

See also: Optimum ways of updating AE2002 to AE2014