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From: WojtekTM
Country: Poland
Sent: 12th March 2017
Subject: Cannot remove unused text registry entries


I have imported e-book in html format into my collection. Everything was ok. Now I am in the process of learning incremental reading. I imported page using Edit::WebImport::All, then I choose Import mode:Local pages, and in the end I made all images local Download images (Ctrl-F8).

However after each File::Repair I can see a lot of Warnings about Unused text registry entries:

Warning! Registry member not used
   Text #1599: 02fig26.jpg
Warning! Registry member not used
   Text #1654: http://localhost/70-740b/graphics/01fig44.jpg
Warning! Registry member not used
   Text #1685: http://localhost/70-740b/graphics/01fig27.jpg
Warning! Registry member not used
   Text #1691: http://localhost/70-740b/graphics/03fig56.jpg
Warning! Registry member not used
   Text #1754: Image reference for image #248
Warning! Registry member not used
   Text #1769: 01fig31.jpg

Even rebuilding registry does nothing. As there are hundreds of such entries, scattered within Registry it is almost impossible to delete them all manually. How can I weed them out? They obfuscate repair log and can obscure more serious problems.


You are absolutely right that SuperMemo should be able to handle PDF, e-book and HTML exported from those. However, until SuperMemo improves in that department, for generic texts, life is easier if you pick some on-line sources. If you import HTML with images on the net, this problem does not occur. You can gradually illustrate individual passages with relevant pictures. Taking this shortcut to on-line source saves a lot of time.


You can use Tools : Delete unused in the text registry. You will get a report on all deleted texts.

The unused texts might be a result of discarding file import references.

(for such references, when the use count goes to zero, they should rather be deleted, unless there is another explanation, this might be a bug, or a special way local files are handled)


I don't know if it a bug or a design: after I had imported web page and make images local, all images not included as components were marked as unused entries in Images Registry. When I executed Tools : Delete unused all images dissapeared from imported article. I am confused a bit.

Images are quite useful when I incrementally read article, though I seldom use them in items. Now there is a choice between: reading an article without pictures or dealing with a vast amount of warnings about unused references in repair log that could obfuscate true errors.


originally you spoke of deleting unused texts, now it seems you speak of deleting unused images. these are two different registries. images embedded in texts are not registered and will always be marked as unused. They should rather be used to illustrate individual subtopics (e.g. with Download images) and only then removed


I actually generated some confusion here. In my log I had entries about unused texts, references and images. Removing unused text and references did not cause any problems, though removing images did. Here you can see Article with image, Image registry window with image and result of "Repairing collection". As you can see here image is marked as unused, however it appears in Article. When I remove image marked as unused from registry, it will be replaced with thumbnail (white rectangle with "X" and name of missing image) in Article.

Wojtektm 20170318.jpg

Is it possible to get rid of this false warnings?

Extra warnings

probably there is no way to get rid of those warnings other than by using image components instead of HTML images (even registry images embedded manually do not get registered because verifying those registrations would take too long)