The algorithm does not work! Unethical!

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  • Is the learning algorithm implemented correctly? I worked hard, studying your website, and decided that your algorithm makes sense. Then, despite the warnings I had seen on the internet about your user interface, I decided to accept the problems, just to get the algorithm. After buying SM2004, I worked hard to figure out how to make it behave. Yes, I can make it work, but I think it should be "beta". I think it is irresponsible or unethical of you to sell it in its current state. The final straw for me is that I've lost faith that the all-important part, the learning algorithm, is implemented correctly.
  • I've never posted on a "wiki". That this is a wiki, instead of a more typical "forum", I see as one more unnecessary difficulty with your product. I think this should be a forum instead of a wiki.
  • I suggest that you stop adding new features. You need to work on the interface.

Reply from SuperMemo World

  • If you believe the algorithm "does not work", you need to provide some data that made you think so. As long as there is no doubt the algorithm works as specified (which can be seen in your measured forgetting index record in Statistics). See: Spaced repetition algorithm metric
  • If the algorithm is measured to work correctly, promoting the use of SuperMemo cannot be considered unethical. Just the opposite, everyone at SuperMemo World spares no effort to make it yet more popular!
  • We gave up SuperMemo forum as it was a medium for promoting misinformation. One un-editable bad advice from one user, could push dozens of users into a blind path. All errors planted at Wiki can be fixed or enhanced with a comment (like this one).
  • We have many SuperMemos. Some are focused on beginners. Others are focus on long-time users. SuperMemo for Windows is forging paths for other SuperMemos with new ideas, technologies, and strategies. Some of these fail, some of these become big over years (e.g. incremental reading). Some, we believe, will become big. For that reason, you are bound to be disappointed with SuperMemo 16 in many respects (esp. if you are new to SuperMemo). However, we consider it the cost of progress.