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What's the difference between "In Design" and "In Implementation"?

In Design - discussion, planning, design, hypothesizing, final idea not ready In Implementation - programming, the outline of the concept is ready

Fully rewrite supermemo GUI using dot net

Vast majority of criticism relate to poor GUI. The author simply can't just keep editing the program. Based on the look of some controls, I am pretty sure that supermemo has not been fully rewritten since the release of Windows 3.

A newest copy of Delphi costs like $8000, really really expensive, I doubt supermemo company will buy it. Instead of sticking to the old version of delphi compiler that is as old as a dinosaur, why don't the authors use free open source C# compiler to fully update GUI? This move will also increase the profit.

It depends..

I generally agree, the intuitiveness of the GUI is near zero. However I also think that it's just a matter of getting used to it AND consulting the documentation often. When I opened the program for the very first time I admit I was a bit scared - and I am definitely not a newbie and quite accustomed to bulky interfaces since I heavily work with high-end 3d programs and stuff like that. However after a careful stufy of the documentation, in a couple of days I was already pretty proficient, and after a week I was already using the most advanced stuff. A part of the program GUI that definitely needs a good rewrite is the templates one. Boy, was that a pain to figure out in full, even with the extensive documentation. - Simon


Just adding a comment to say that I particularly agree with the suggestion of eliminating the necessity to click "Next repetition" every time a grade is given by the user. This is unecessary most of the time and when you have say 500 repetitions + 200 articles it REALLY slows down everything. The option to change the grade should be given as a button in the following repetition, positioned on the extreme opposite side to avoid clicking it for error, exactly like Pocket SuperMemo. To avoid confusion it can be made as selectable option. For me, it's really a top priority. It would make the program perfect as I have little to complain - I already got used to the bad interface anyway. I often download my repetitions to Pocket SuperMemo even if I am not "on the go" just to finish sooner. - Simon

CSS idea is great

I really like the CSS idea. It will make my collection look much nicer and consistent.

Why not get rid of silly naming scheme used by supermemo?

The terminology used in supermemo is so difficult to understand that only the person who invented it knows what they mean. I am a relatively new supermemo user. I am overwhelmed by A-factor, D-factor, R-factor, forgeting index and so on. I am underwhelmed by the way GUI provides help to users. It took me 6 months to finally grasp that A-factor = Interval length factor. I still don't what the rest "BIG" words refer to. I am using Professional Level because Beginner level lacks so many things that I am unable to generate any satisfying items. Anyone has similar ordeals?

Just a matter of time AND reading the documentation, I suppose. I remember that when I opened SuperMemo for the first time ever, even the simplest interface was confusing. When I tried the "Warrior" Layout the same day my head nearly exploded. :) After just one week I was already using it proficiently, but I spent a lot of time searching information on the site. It's really not that hard imho.


why not make the occlusion tool malleable for say econ graphs. This allows you to take outjust a line from a graph for occlusion purposes