Supermemo after bluescreen

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From: Jonathan
Country: Sweden
Sent: 2017-09-06
Subject: Supermemo after bluescreen



I just had a bluescreen while doing my outstanding elements in SM 17. When I opened it. I got the error messege:

Element missing from the priority queue Topic #3,562: Because DNA uniquely serves as a permanent copy of the cell genome, however, changes in its structure are of much greater consequence than are alterations in other cell .

Setting the maximum priority!

This goes for all my elements. What should I do?

Edit: I ran a repair. And it is now fixed. However my outstanding que doubled and if I click learn it says nothing more to learn...


  • is priority set correctly in other elements now?
  • please explain: outstanding que doubled
  • in short, if this is a serious file damage, you need to restore the back up, but if Repair collection works ok and you see nothing wrong, perhaps the collection will be unaffected


please write how your collection looks a day after damage. Priority and outstanding queues are kept in memory to speed up SuperMemo. This means that BSD can wipe them out (data not saved). However, only newly added elements would be missing from the priority queue, and the outstanding queue should be rebuilt on the new day. In an extreme case that you need to check for, BSD might affect data in memory, and if SuperMemo managed to save that corrupted data, the collection would be more severely affected. This is why you need to investigate carefully to see which is true. In case of serious damage, going back to your most recent backup might be your best option. Otherwise you risk investing in a collection that is inherently flawed. On the other hand, the best is above 95% that your collection should be ok with Repair collection and with rebuilding the outstanding queue on a new day