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Sent: 3 Dec 2017
Subject: making sense of all SuperMemo-related websites


I keep on discovering new websites related to SuperMemo:,,,,,,, and I must be missing others.

Please give a complete list of all current SuperMemo-related websites (at least those written in english, and leaving aside external websites such as blogs), providing for each website the following information:

- who writes there currently? Piotr Wozniak? People at SuperMemo World? Users?

- who has been writing there in the past?

- what is the purpose of this website, and its specificities compared to others?

- when was this website created?

- are FAQs and articles still updated there?

I think it would be good for everyone and especially newcomers it all this was clearer. For example, I have thought for a long time that Piotr Wozniak had stopped writing articles, given the update dates on, but it appears that this is not quite true.


we will prepare some compilation soon. there were some complaints about poor integration indeed