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SuperMemopedia provides supplementary SuperMemo documentation produced collectively with users of SuperMemo.

asking questions

To ask questions:

  1. Click "Log in" (top right corner)
  2. Type Username: "SuperMemoUser"
  3. Type Password: "SuperMemo"
  4. Click the "Log in" button
  5. Click Ask Your Question (on the left)


To correct an article, click Edit.

adding articles

To add an article:

  1. edit a page that will link to your article
  2. add the title of your article in double angle brackets, e.g. [[SuperMemo 98]]
  3. save the page and click on the thus created hyperlink
  4. write the text of your new article

About SuperMemopedia:

Idea: Len Budney, 2002

Implementation: Miko Hejwosz, October 2004

Server: SuperMemo World

See: The most popular pages of SuperMemopedia