SuperMemo editing disabled all of a sudden

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From: Dharav S.
Country: India
Sent: 12/03/2016
Subject: SuperMemo editing disabled all of a sudden


I was using SuperMemo ver. 15.4 regularly on windows 8.1. Then, a few days back, I upgraded it to Windows 10. SuperMemo has been behaving strangely since!

On Windows 10, nothing works. Remember extract / Cloze Deletions / Select Text / Edit text. None of it works. What could be the problem here? I have tried making IE11 the default browser but it does not do anything.

I have also realized that any sort of manipulation, or even selection of the text in edit mode is impossible. Only interaction with the content window is when I right click for a menu, the cursor moves near the point where I right clicked. However, nothing else happens.

Infact, I can not move the curser or select any text using the mouse (or Shift + arrow keys for that matter.)

This happens for all articles I have added through Ctrl + N.

However, if I use the drag mode and add a new text element, then I can use the keyboard over there. I can type and I can edit! But no functionality is given on the articles.


see: SuperMemo_editing_disabled_all_of_a_sudden!

Once you resolve the problem, please document it at the above entry.

The settings you might investigate in Internet Explorer 11:

  • Tools : Internet Options : Security
  • Tools : Internet Options : Advanced : Security

User's reply

The solutions did not help. Uninstalling Internet Explorer had no effect.

Also, my problem does seem different from the ones mentioned in the link you provided, because as I said, in my case the (problematic) elements do not show any information at all, there are no components in the topics.

Anything that does have visible text in it is editable! I do not have the type of editing problems discussed in the link.

What else could be the cause of this?