SuperMemo 17 fails to download an image

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From: Anand
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Sent: Oct 20, 2017
Subject: jpg import


I tried to import a picture from Google Images. SuperMemo shows the picture in the window, but import does nothing. The screen flickers for a moment and nothing happens. I then tried to go directly to that picture and import it by itself. Nothing happens again. This is the picture:


  • You are right. The picture does not import. It looks like some protection from Amazon from automatic downloads. What downloads is a file with "access denied" message (HTML).
  • If you have similar problems in the future, use Copy and Paste. There are hardly any images that cannot be imported. Only some that are hard to import. At worst you can print the entire screen. Print screen protections are very rare or may come from hardware acceleration. You can use trimming options to cut the image to size (see visual learning).