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From: R.Y.S.
Country: Israel
Sent: May 2014
Subject: supermemo


It is totally beyond me why you guys at SuperMemo do everything to shoot yourself in the foot regarding marketing. While it is a fact that SuperMemo is the greatest invention since the toaster, it is very difficult to sell it to those who still are not familiar with it. The interface is terrible. It looks like it was programed in DOS. On the web site you have user comments. Great! Hey they are all from before the year 2000! Since then no user comments. Looks very lame. The first thing you have to do is take everything that was written in and about SuperMemo before 2000 and simply throw it in the garbage. Nobody cares about it. Get rid of all the Wiki garbage and open up your own forum for SuperMemo (not on Yahoo groups). It costs a few dollars. I see when you get some good suggestions you just make excuses why they are not implemented. Very very lame..... contract a software PR company to sell SuperMemo or wake up yourselves!


Many versions of SuperMemo

You are probably speaking about only one line of SuperMemo, while there are many versions for many platforms for different types of users.

Outdated information

The Internet will always carry a great deal of outdated information about SuperMemo. Full cleanup is not easy, esp. that some of the outdated information is located on servers that do not belong to SuperMemo World.

As for the marketing, new projects that are attractive for wider audiences can do much more for SuperMemo. For example, see Olive Green.

FAQ archive

SuperMemo FAQs are reviewed periodically. If they get outdated, they are archived as they are usually relevant to older versions that are still in use. The fact that they are stamped with the past century, it is only because a question that might be asked today was first responded to 1-2 decades ago. As the same questions keep coming again and again, the inflow of new subject (with newer dates) is slowing. This may leave an impression of stale FAQs.

If you see outdated or erroneous FAQs, you need to report them individually. They cannot be dumped wholesale as they provide an important support function for users of various SuperMemos

Forums vs. Wikis

We have argued elsewhere that wikis are a better support medium than forums. We do not mind supporting spontaneous discussion forums if we get a link. However, wikis make it possible to regularly and collective update support information.

See also:

Archive Garbage

Brewster Kahle of Internet Archive would disagree that old information should be thrown to garbage. We often use Wayback Machine to bring broken links back to life. We believe that archive information should be kept in a clearly marked archive. There are still users of SuperMemo 7 for Windows out there (written in 1992). If you see misleading information, please write. Even wrong information in the archive has some research value (e.g. for net archeologists).