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  • improve the documentation
    • you need to specifically say what changes you would like to see. Improving the documentation is always a high priority job. See: Website suggestions
  • more windows and wizard in GUI design - So many functions can be grouped onto one window or wizard, and prevent the frustration of not finding the function I need
    • simplicity is a serious consideration, but for this to be addressed, you need to specifically list functions that should be handled by wizards (and preferrably: how)
      • {search element, search text, search string, search template, search catogaries, search registry etc, search and replace}--> one search window with each option on a drop down list, mouseover the list will give an explanation of the function and possibly examples. Once selected,the window will go to next tab, which allows people to search. Of course, leave two popular search function ready for acess on that search window, and leave other less used ones in the dropdown list. A tab for search and replace function, like the one in IE. Similar things apply to import {import file, Q&A, email, bla bla}: a window with dropdown list, a directory selector and an explanation of what will happen. Anyway, some "pro" may not like it, but those kinds of silly bloated menus have to go. Otherwise, it will remain awfully ugly.
  • Reduce multi-step procedures to one-step procedures - keep it simple
  • Multiday subset review
  • Supermemo Assistant - don't have to be a cartoon character as in MS office. It just change colour whenever it has a tip to tell the user. For instance, if a user is changing the content of an old item, the tip includes "radical change may affect the difficulty rating, you should reset history for that item" Context-based assistance or advice is really important since 99.9999% users can't be bothered to read through the manual or retain it in the memory. Supermemo 2004 just sits there dead, expecting users to rummage through tons of functions and be expert to themselves. The material called up by "F1" is useless because most of the time it only tells you what this button does, no SHORT and CONCISE information on how to use it effectively, and neither does it give important tips or point out common mistakes.
    • SuperMemo always attempts to provide as much assistence for hard-to-understand tasks; however, it is also being criticized for providing too much assistance or bombarding user with choices instead of defining a default action. In your example, it seems easier for the user to understand the need to rememorize elements that have changed than to understand radical change may affect the difficulty rating, you should reset history for that item where he or she might wonder about the meaning of radical change, difficulty rating, reset, history and even item. Your will find many examples of similar criticism in reviews of SuperMemo posted on the net!
  • I strongly agree with "" message. The program designer should use supermemo to memorize Windows application GUI guidelines before starting next version of supermemo. It's about what customers like, not about the designer's personal preference. and "Then they should memorize the places where their program conflicts with the standard Windows user-interface conventions, which will become evident as they undertake this process."
  • Option to repair collections that cannot be opened
  • More secure data storage
  • SuperMemo is most unfriendly application