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This is not exactly a suggestion for the program: Suggestions are getting more and more numerous. Since users of course tend to avoid repeating suggestions if they see that someone else requested the same thing, it is difficult to asses which functions are actually considered more important by users, I believe. Why SuperMemopedia doesn't employ a poll function? So that users can vote directly the suggestions they think are more important. If a poll plugin is difficult to implement, each suggestion could be made into a link, and interested users could add a vote in a separate page without clogging this one, which already became quite large


  • nothing prevents creating a suggestion as a separate topic and collecting signatures underneath (unfortunately, most of suggestions come with the support of just a few people ready to read the suggestions page)
  • implementation proceeds by value/time, and value depends on demand; however, there have been many popular ideas that could not be implemented (e.g. because of contradicting theories of efficient learning, because of technical limitations, because of lack of expertise, because of costs, etc.)
  • on-line polling is not likely to influence development much as it is hard to prevent a single user casting multiple votes for his favorite suggestions. Number of e-mails, complaints or suggestions in a given matter will always impact valuations, however, the greatest impact always comes from reasoning/argument. Best prospects for new options come from: good reasons + realistic costs (or Value/Time in terms of tasklists)


  • +1 vote for this suggestion. Jim K.