Suggestions for SuperMemo for Android

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Suggestions for SuperMemo for Android:

  • easier synchronization (make it seamless and forgettable); the present implementation is more like Save in Windows
  • skins (I want a black skin to save phone energy)
  • too much white space
  • transfer of learning materials to SuperMemo 16
  • import of items from SuperMemo 16 for mobile repetitions
  • sometimes it feels like a PC software with lesser compliance with Android standards
  • too many pictures in the application (I do not mean pictures in learning, just "decorations")

Suggestions for desktop+mobile solution:

  • use SQLite like Anki, this makes file transfers easy (e.g. USB from a tablet to a PC, etc.)
  • allow to bulk import images and automatically convert them into knowledge items (question = file name, answer = image)
  • good text imports with more than just question and answer fields (e.g. tags)
  • Anki allows to synchronize desktop and mobile databases directly between a desktop computer and a mobile device, without having to upload one's database to a third-party cloud - good for privacy and reliability. You only need to move a single database file to synchronize devices
  • Anki has an open plugin architecture - users have already developed two dozen or so plugins (
  • I spend 1.5 hours a day commuting to and from work - a mobile device for revisions is an ideal solution (btw, I use an 8 inch Samsung tablet, no a mobile phone - good for high resolution images)
  • I do not want to have a technical debt of being tied to any particular software solution. I prefer to create my databases as text files and image collection, so that if I have to migrate to another program I will simply import them. This, of course, will not migrate the revision/learning process but it is the best option available, in terms of platform independence
  • I value privacy a lot - I would hate having to upload my "precious" database, and the learning process, to a third-party cloud. To paraphrase other sayings: give my your learning process file and I will tell you who you are. Also, cloud services may be free initially only, with a fee imposed later

More notes:

  • I am an IT worker and I hate sitting. I do not want to use incremental reading. I want to make my reps on an Android tablet
  • I keep emphasizing bulk import of items (including item generation) from text files or image directories, so as to minimize the time taken for building a knowledge base and to stay platform independent
  • the "1990s classical Q&A supermemo thinking" suits me well, in the circumstances - I need to memorise thousands of facts, like somebody studying the western medicine or biology, etc